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A pillow from unexpected scraps

Full bedroom - my little pillow is hiding on the right. It's light blue.

I actually made this pillow over a year ago when I re-did our master bedding. I had used a king size sheet set to make a new duvet cover (shown in picture). I actually still really like this bedding set…which is surprising because lots of times if I make something, I tire of it quickly. It’s kind of like when you cook all day and then don’t want to eat the meal? Does that happen to any of you? Anyway – The CSI Challenge is having a pillow contest and I knew I could share my pillows from here… but then this other one popped in my head as one of my faves.

I made it with scraps from the sheet used for the duvet. I actually removed the elastic corners of the fitted sheet and sewed it willy-nilly on a sheet scrap and then used that as a pillow cover. The back is plain white. It’s got great texture.

So here you go with some close-ups!

Fun, huh? The picture of our bedroom was actually at our old house. We moved last year in anticipation of our move this year. Will the bedding set survive another move? Stay tuned to find out. I think even if not, my willy-nilly elastic band pillow will travel along.

Check out a bunch of super cute ideas here:

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My Creative Space

The little flower can which I bought for a dollar and painted red with strips is one of my favorite items.

A little inspiration sits atop my business sign. Makes me happy.

An old wine rack holds some of my oilcloth and fabric scraps.

Not the entire space... but the cutting table is the other side - and that's boring. My hubby made the display/storage cabinet. I know. He's awesome.

I’m sharing these pictures with you as a little glimpse into the space where I prefer to spend my work days. In reality – I still have to spend a lot of it on my “other” laptop doing the job that brings home the bacon. But, this is where the magic happens. And this is the space that will grow! As I’ve mentioned, we’re moving (out of state) and one of the features  on our “new home” list is that I will have a real craft office/space. whoo hoo! I can’t wait.

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Monday Motivation

Happy Monday! I hope this Monday brings inspiration and not dread for you. Weekends are so wonderful because most of us get to spend time with our loved ones doing what we want to do as opposed to doing what we have to do. However, one of my goals lately is to wake up happy for Monday, as opposed to dreading it. One way to do this is to make sure that you’re spending all your days doing something important and enjoyable to you.

I’m not naive enough to think that we can all find careers doing what we LOVE every minute. Even when we’re lucky enough to find a job in a field that we’re passionate about it’s still work, right? But – attitude makes a huge difference in how we view and spend our day. Focus on the parts that you enjoy. Recently I realized that I was having days at work where I didn’t enjoy ANY of it. That’s not ok. So, I’ve stepped it up, made some changes, and am basically working two jobs right now. One that pays the bills and provides the benefits our family needs and then the other, building my small business. A little bit at a time. By doing this – I don’t dread Monday (as much). Each week is another step closer to being able to pursue my dream full-time. Even my full-time gig seems more tolerable when I focus on the fact by keeping this job and doing my best, I’m earning money to help get my small business off the ground.

This weekend I made a few new products for my online shop (which will launch soon). I did a little more research. I made a few more plans. I’m a little closer. And with that – I can start my week feeling motivated and inspired and not dreadful. How about you?

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Handmade for baby boy

Some of our friends just adopted a baby boy. Being an adoptive parent myself, I have a soft spot for adoptive families. This baby needed something made with extra love. His mommy told me that he doesn’t really have a color theme…but that she has an aversion to trucks and sports – and that her hubby loves monkeys. So, that’s what I had to work with. 😉

Knowing this family, I also knew that they would appreciate and share my love of something unique and re-cycled. So – to the thrift shop I went where I bought two large cotton shirts. Then, I got some super soft minky-ish fabric from fabric store. I cut and pieced the shirts into a quilt top – and then just added the backing. It’s reminiscent of the blanket I made here. A couple things I love about this one:

  • The cotton shirts are lighter weight and work great for a snuggly but temperature appropriate blanket for this time of year.
  • I added in some random cashmere squares for an old sweater.
  • One of the shirts had an embroidered flower patter  that I used on a few squares.
  • I left the pocket on… and stuck in a handmade sock monkey. I’m in love with the little fellow.


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Kid Friendly Cooking

Cooking a healthy dinner each night is one of the challenges of parenting. Many of us work all day and come home to homework, hungry kids and exhaustion. I’m slowly learning that dinner preparation is best done in our house either 1) ahead of time (think  crock pot) or 2) with the kids helping. For my kids, this distracts them from whining and snacking. Yesterday my daughter and I made up a new recipe on the fly – and it was a big hit. We call these “Ham and Cheese Nests”.

You need:

  • A package of pillsbury rolls (you could also use the pizza dough, italian bread, whatever)
  • Press each roll (or shape sections) into little round nests making
  • Put in a layer of shredded cheese (we used low-fat mozzarella)
  • Ideally – layer some fresh spinach or other veggie (you’ll notice many of our nests are missing the spinach)
  • Place little cubes of ham in each nests (you could skip the meat for vegetarians out there)
  • A little more cheese sprinkled on top
  • Bake at 375 for 12 -1 5 min.

My 4 yo daughter (pictured here – so proud). My son ate three of these which is unheard of for him! We served with a side of edemame. Yummy.

Pride in her work


Bon Appetite!

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Sock Monkeys!

When I was a little girl – I collected monkeys. Not real ones – stuffed animal ones. Although I would have gladly gotten a real one if my parents had allowed it. They wouldn’t. It was so unfair.

ANYWAY – my love for monkeys continued into my adult life and my kids and I recently spent days making sock monkeys. After satisfying our own sock monkey needs -we made a couple for Christmas for nieces and nephews. If anyone is interested in doing it yourself – I used THIS pattern/tutorial. And of course – added some flair of my own.

Griffin (son) has dreams of offering whole walls full of sock monkeys for sale in a shop. Let me tell you – we have enough unmatched socks around here that it may be possible.

Milly and Co. Milly wears a turquoise bow. She's lovely.

Some projects never get old.

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