Christmas Crafties

To know me is to know that I tend to procrastinate – and let’s face it – am not very organized. So – with these characteristics – it is no surprise that I am usually a last-minute Christmas shopper. Very last-minute. Like Christmas-Eve shopping and stopping

My first attempt at "quilling" daughter was delightful.

on Christmas Day at the gas station to grab a bottle of wine. However, two things have helped me to overcome some of this last-minute frenzy.

Firstly, the internet. Yay Online Shopping! This year I actually did some shopping in November (gasp)! I appreciate not having to physically tool around to multiple shops. Don’t get me wrong – I love some leisurely shopping and strolling through cool shops…it’s just that Christmas shopping isn’t usually like that.

Secondly, I used my talents to create some of my gifts and decorations. Cost-savings aside (which are really debatable when you consider the cost of materials and time invested) this was hugely satisfying to me. I loved the feeling of holiday spirit that sitting and sewing and creating gave to me. To actually make something for people I care for is an

Lavender and rice filled warmers. just heat and relax. These were a hit.

entire different experience than grabbing something at the store because a deadline is approaching and I need something, anything! to give them when I see them. People from my mom to my hair stylist received handmade gifts – and I felt good about it – because they were quality gifts made with love.

Some of the fun wasn’t in making things to give – it was just in making things for fun with my kids. And we baked. Man, did we bake. Let’s see – we made chocolate covered pretzels,

Handmade chocolate covered pretzels in a handmade jar. CUTE. Made by #1 son.

sugar cookies, pumpkin trifle, tres leche cake, pumpkin crumble, peach crumble… and I’m sure I’m missing something…the five+ pounds tells me I am. 😉

In total – a very blessed and happy holiday season around here. I hope for you and yours too. Now – on to 2011!


About Melany

I love fabric, sewing, building, DIY, learning, researching and sharing. I find inspiration from others that have pursued and found their passion doing what they love. My biggest success is my family. We are four and we are awesome. They motivate and drive me to do what I love. I want my kids to believe that anything is possible.
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