Beautifying a Little Storage Bench

I love this before and after. This little single seat storage bench was a little dated looking and definitely dirty when I got it. However, some elbow grease, work and patience and it is so cool. I’ve found that one problem with re-doing furniture is that you grow attached to the piece and are so proud of the “after” that it’s a little hard to let it go. I haven’t posted this one for sale yet because 1) I keep tweaking and putting finishing touches on it and 2) I kind of love it. But – it also would be most precious in a little girl’s room I think. And my little girl’s room is way to full of stuff already.

getting ready for her makeover

oooh - dirty

Now check her out…a little sanding, paint, beautiful fabric (thank you ThreadFest), mod podge, more sanding, buff & rub, more mod podge, more sanding…ok -you get the idea…

Ahhh, much better!



About Melany

I love fabric, sewing, building, DIY, learning, researching and sharing. I find inspiration from others that have pursued and found their passion doing what they love. My biggest success is my family. We are four and we are awesome. They motivate and drive me to do what I love. I want my kids to believe that anything is possible.
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2 Responses to Beautifying a Little Storage Bench

  1. Gasp! So cute! So sweet! Are you selling some of these things now? You have to tell me where if you are…and if this one goes up for sale you have to tell me because I might call dibs. (I have 2 little girl rooms that are looking a little bare LOL)

  2. nickysnook says:

    ohh the bench turned out too cute i love the flowers doest it make my bubble over with happiness to see a finished project visit to take a look

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