Some Weekend Lovelies

I drove about 70 miles to a small barn sale this weekend. It is called the Strawberry Patch Barn Sale and it is done out of a women’s yard and garage twice a year. I wish she had a blog or website to link to – but she doesn’t. Anyway – it was definitely worth the drive. It was so cute and well done. I never would have guess driving up that it was going to have such charm. She had several vendors of kids clothing, accessories, etc. and told me that she does most of the furniture herself. Some of the ways that she made the little environment so lovely:

  • Vintage linens draped all along the walls and ceiling of her garage. It totally gave it a cozy cottage feel.
  • Live music!
  • A tented little “cafe” set up in her yard selling lunches and baked goods.
  • A full inventory for the space she had (no awkward empty tables ) and we were there on the third day.

I actually heard about the sale from a blog I occasion called The Cottage Mama. She wasn’t there when I stopped by – but her stuff was adorable.  (update: she did a great post on the sale with tons of pictures!) I also grabbed a card from  Momma Said Sew.  She also had adorable kids clothes and cute little applique packs that are a great idea. I hope they all did well at the sale – I know how much work goes into this!

My little treasures that I brought home:

awesome vintage necklace.

rustic "create" sign - my favorite color RED!

cute little bag for my goods. GAH! she needs a website.


About Melany

I love fabric, sewing, building, DIY, learning, researching and sharing. I find inspiration from others that have pursued and found their passion doing what they love. My biggest success is my family. We are four and we are awesome. They motivate and drive me to do what I love. I want my kids to believe that anything is possible.
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5 Responses to Some Weekend Lovelies

  1. Oh my gosh, I feel SO terrible that I missed you all at the sale. I should have mentioned that we had a wedding to attend on Saturday. I REALLY apologize. I don’t know if there were any outfits you had your eye on, but I want to offer you 20% off any of my in-stock (ready to ship) items in the shop. I still have some things to upload, but it’s pretty well stocked right now.

    Hope we get to meet someday………

    Have a great night,

  2. Mique says:

    Just stopping in to say hi from my FB page (30days)- looks like you had so much fun!
    Thanks for reading. xo, Mique

  3. I have a blog now, pls check it out to stay updated on the barnsales. Hopeu had a merry Christmas!

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