Kid’s Crafts

Every so often, I will post pictures and a little info on some crafts that my kids and I do together. A few things that people reading this should be aware of:

  1. We are not planners spontaneous – this means that most of the things we do come from stuff you may have around the house (if you’re into art and crafts). You may use this to get an idea and head to a craft store to find something that works even better.
  2. We have short attention spans busy agendas – this means that most of the things we do can be done quickly – you might take more time and really enhance the project.
  3. We are definitely not perfectionists artists – this means that while ours may be a bit unrefined to the average viewer…they are exactly how we wanted them. Or… see #2. ahem.

So – our first craft here uses something that for some reason my children start HOARDING around this time of year.  Do any of your kids do this? No? I do call mine my “little squirrels”…hmmm.

storing up for winter

Anyway, after tiring of finding these stashes around, I suggested that we actually do something with them. We used:

  • Acorns
  • Glue gun
  • Paint markers (these are the kind that you can paint on terre cotta with)
  • Construction paper for the clothes (fabric scraps would be awesome here)
  • Craft sticks (popsicle sticks would work well, maybe even pipe cleaners?)

Go at it!

working, planning, concentrating


we even made a pet... a dog, I believe...

my son was proud of the bow tie and belt on this one 😉

The second craft is one we did a couple of weekends ago. I don’t have in process pictures but you’ll need:

  • old tennis balls (we play occasionally and find old ones on the courts a lot…remember I mentioned the hoarding tendencies of my kids?)
  • some sort of dowels…perhaps chopsticks would even work?
  • Glue gun
  • markers
  • buttons
  • fabric scraps

We cut a hole in the ball and stuck in on the dowel. Then, just started decorating. The finished result is a little creepy…but the kids LOVED these and they make great puppets. Just ask my brother-in-law who was treated to a Happy Birthday performance. He may never be the same.

the whole family

ummm... yeah.

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About Melany

I love fabric, sewing, building, DIY, learning, researching and sharing. I find inspiration from others that have pursued and found their passion doing what they love. My biggest success is my family. We are four and we are awesome. They motivate and drive me to do what I love. I want my kids to believe that anything is possible.
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One Response to Kid’s Crafts

  1. Roeshel says:

    Too cute! I loved your “things to be aware of”. LOL! I think they’re adorable and what a fun project! I just used tennis balls for a project too. I haven’t posted it yet but mine were party favors for a tennis themed party. I think the girls would have loved tennis ball puppets! 🙂 No short supply of acorns around here either!

    Have a great day!

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