Trash to Treasure

I’m not a huge curb-side shopper. Not because I have a problem with it… because, I don’t – give me free junk any day. But, I just know other people do it way better than I do (see However, there was recently a house on the corner of our street that put a big FREE sign out after their garage sale. There wasn’t much.

But we did bring home this…

And I’ll be honest, I didn’t have any idea what I was going to do with it. But – it was FREE. I also didn’t have any idea what it was.

It turns out it was the perfect size to be fitted with some cork boards from a stash I had and a piece of plywood painted with chalkboard paint. So FREE plus a little more FREE plus some awesome green apple paint became a one of a kind message and inspiration board over my sewing table.  And I really should have cleared the table off a little more before this picture – but I decided to keep it real. Here it is – you may recognize it from the header of the blog. Ta Da:


About Melany

I love fabric, sewing, building, DIY, learning, researching and sharing. I find inspiration from others that have pursued and found their passion doing what they love. My biggest success is my family. We are four and we are awesome. They motivate and drive me to do what I love. I want my kids to believe that anything is possible.
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